Thursday, December 16, 2010

Recovering deleted photos

One of the most common data recovery tasks is to restore lost photos. Often, the photos were lost when they were accidentally deleted. But it is all too easy to corrupt a digital camera memory card, perhaps by disconnecting it from the computer before all read, write or delete operations have been completed. This can corrupt the file system and make the memory card unreadable. To restore use of the memory card it is usually necessary to format it, which effectively deletes the photos that were on it.

As in the case when files are deleted, formatting a memory card does not physically delete the existing data, so the lost photos are still recoverable. Memory cards look to the computer just like a removable disk drive, so lost files may be recovered using general deleted files recovery software like Uneraser. But you may also use specialist photo recovery software.

Photo recovery software is usually a bit cheaper to buy, because it does not need to include the capability to identify and recover non-image files. Two good photo recovery software packages that recommends are Photo Recovery and Flash Recovery.