Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why Uneraser?

My intention in this blog is to write about various aspects of data recovery. For the benefit of those who find their way to these pages early on I thought I should write a few words about why we recommend Uneraser if you need to recover deleted files on a Windows computer. I will start with a little history.

Tech-Pro.net had its origin in a site developed many years ago in my spare time containing articles and information for IT professionals. It made a little bit of money from Google AdSense but was essentially non-commercial. Eventually the need arose to try to generate some income from the site. After an unsuccessful attempt at being a software developer we decided to focus on promoting software developed by other companies.

My original intention was to promote anti-virus and security software such as Kaspersky Anti-Virus which I believed to be the best product of its type on the market. I still do believe that, and we do still promote it, but the volume of anti-virus sales generated by the site has never been great and it became obvious that we would have to try something else if Tech-Pro.net were to be made into a business.

The greatest number of visitors to the site were looking for information on data recovery so it was decided to try promoting data recovery software. We evaluated and started to promote one file recovery product from a well-known developer of PC utilities. This sold quite well, but we did receive a few complaints about the product's performance and there were a number of requests for refunds so we decided to try to find something better.

This led us eventually to DiskInternals, a software company based in Ukraine that specializes in developing data recovery tools. We found that their products worked very well and were actively being developed and improved by a small team of people. This is important. Creating a basic functional data recovery product is not particularly hard but the amount of research and development needed to produce one that will succeed where others fail requires significant resources. Uneraser's Power Search Technology - which can recover lost files by searching for the "signatures" of  specific file types - gives it and the other DiskInternals products a major advantage when trying to recover files that were deleted long ago or from a trashed hard drive.

Another example of the superiority of DiskInternals products is the ability to preview files in a "what you see is what you get" viewer before recovery. Most of the data recovery products on the market provide a basic viewer for GIF, JPG and BMP images, a text viewer for other files and nothing else. Uneraser can display all popular image formats, all of the Office document types and many other types of file. This is useful to enable you to identify recovered files when the original filename has been lost, but importantly it also allows you to see whether a file can be recovered intact using the free trial version, so you don't have to buy the software only to discover that your data isn't recoverable.

Uneraser beats the competition in other ways too, such as its ability to search for a file using a word or phrase, or even by the date it was last modified or the file size. A deep scan of a hard drive can produce literally thousands of recoverable files, most of which will not be what you want or will be fragments of files that are of little use. The search tool can really cut the time it takes to locate and recover the deleted file you are looking for.

Where most data recovery software requires you to save recovered files on another drive to avoid the possibility of overwriting data you may wish to recover, Uneraser offers a greater range of options. Files may be burned direct to CD or saved to an FTP server.

For all of these reasons we feel that Uneraser is the best deleted files recovery software for Windows currently available and that is why we recommend it.